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With a big map and no planned destination, this trio of seasoned improvisers from the jazz, funk, and jamband worlds use song and structure the way spacecraft use planets: not to land and stay, but to slingshot around and be propelled back out into the galaxy. During this mostly-improv show, a familiar song could materialize at any time. Or not. All we can promise is that nobody knows what’s going to happen.

Slingshot is

Guitar and Vocals: Matt Hartle (China Cats, Painted Mandolin, Shady Groove, Grateful Sundays with Matt Hartle and Friends)

Bass: Pete Novembre (OM Trio, Coffee Zombie Collective, Aza, Elephino)

Drums: Bret Bailey (Shady Groove, Stu Allen and Mars Hotel, Elephino, BlissNinnies)

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